Voice-Data Network Installation in Houston

Voice-data network installation in Houston
Voice data network installation is the foundation of any communication system. Usually in this case it always starts from the proper installation and the configuration to operate fault-free. IT Switcher has more than 10-years of experience to upgrade VoIP systems, fixing broken connections, or adding workstations. Especially our Expert network engineers have the best solutions for voice-data network installation in Houston TX, USA.

Standard voice-data network installation includes

  • CAT5e
  • CAT6
  • Station Z wire
  • Patch Cord
  • Ethernet Cables

IT Switcher installs voice and data cabling which supports the VoIP systems, WIFI, or wireless network Installation. Furthermore, we also provide Access point installation, Audio/video Cabling installation service also fixing their issues. Consequently, we Use Multi Pair copper, Fiber Optic, and shielded copper wires in different business applications according to the customer requirements.

With the growing network size, higher speed access methods are used for well-grounded and easily manageable network cabling systems. However, IT Switcher carefully plans it and implements the changes which automatically increase your structured network cabling performance. Hence decrease the system downtime. It also saves your money and time due to structured cabling installation. Because it makes it easy to upgrade the systems hence labor cost reduces. As a result, Structured network cabling always gives you higher returns firstly in the terms of decreased downtime and secondly higher performance.

Voice-data network installation service includes CAT5e Cabling service which usually handles data in Gigabytes per second (Gbps). Some CAT3 and CAT5 cabling without ā€œeā€ works regularly in primary network 10% but it will not be suitable for a gigabyte network setup. Cat5e is an enhanced version of the CAT5 it provides a 10-time better performance than Simple CAT5.

CAT6 handles with 10 Gbps data transfer but in the limited distance where data is transmitted. CAT6A cabling service handles up to 10 Gbps data transfer over 328 feet distance using ethernet wire.

Certainly, our expert network engineers always determine the optimal solution for network infrastructure whether it is on an existing network or for setting up a new network. We provide you cabling service, phone service from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Contact us now for your queries.